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Treat Scratches and Rainrot!
How-To's of NO THRUSH ®

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In this video we go into detail about thrush facts. This includes No Thrush application processes for Thrush, Whiteline Disease, and How to use NT with Equine Boots. You will know nearly everything you need to know about thrush after reviewing this video....


(must see): This is a 4 minute "How To" video that explains and demonstrates most of what you need to know about NO THRUSH®.

VIDEO 3:  This is a demonstration from Tim, an actual trimmer who uses NO THRUSH® in his practice. This highlights a good way to apply NO THRUSH into the sulcus/heelcrack.


VIDEO 5: A farrier shows how (and Why) to use No Thrush with pads and hoof packing. (Hint: It will keep things dry and firm!!!)


Video 6 : This is a an update on "BEAR-the Equitation-horse that 1000's of our Facebook followers requested:


If you have your own video demonstrating the use of, or before /after success stories, feel free to upload to You Tube and then send us the link. We will add it to this list.

Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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