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The Best Thing for Thrush
Treat Scratches and Rainrot!
(And Rainrot - and - Girth Itch)

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Testimonial: From Valley Vet website

"I am so ashamed. I've had this product for my horse's feet for years and kept doing the iodine thing for fungus! Finally, I decided to believe the bottle and use the No Thrush for the fungus. Amazing results. This horse hasn't been fungus free for two years. He is now!!! At the first sign of fungus, the scabs, the flakes, the hair loss, the paintbush tuft, No Thrush is on and it's gone. I buy the big size and keep one in the grooming box and another in the cabinet so I don't run out! I save lots by keeping thrush and fungus under control."

No Thrush Works wonders on Scratches and rainrot. For typical cases, when caught in the early stages, healing will take place in 4-7 days. Below we have included photos of an extreme case, provided by Josephine Trott, PhD Animal Science, U.C Davis.

Here is the quick and easy application process:

1. Keep area dry. Do NOT wash leg. Do NOT remove scabs.

2. All that is required is to simply puff NT onto the problem area and gently rub into the hair. Do this once a day (twice per day for extreme cases). The powder will absorb all ooze and become a scab. Do NOT pick off the scabs. NT will dehydrate the bacteria and when the scabs fall off by themselves, healing will be complete.

3. For seasonal scratches problems, we suggest beginning twice-per-week prevention dustings a few weeks before the problem begins. For example, in Florida scratches often occur in April. We can prevent this occurance by beginning a dusting regime in mid March.

Review the following photos from top left and scroll down - then go up to the top right and continue the review. THIS IS AN EXTREME CASE. Total time dusted with NT is 38 days. Typical every-day scratches will heal in 4-5 days (and then do a few more random dustings during hair regrowth.


Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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