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  Natural Release Muscle Wash is a fast-acting muscle relaxant spray. Goes to work in minutes! Helps release tension in stiff or strained muscles, joints, and ligaments. Reduces swelling, inflammation, and bruising. Natural Release Muscle Wash can be sprayed directly onto affected areas, or use under your saddle or leg wraps. All-natural formula with Dead Sea Transdermal magnesium oil, arnica, and eucalyptus. No heat, scent, menthol, or alcohol. Natural Release will begin diminishing the ache within minutes. For chronic problems, reapply after 15 minutes, and then every 3-4 hours as needed.

Here is a good example of how to use 

Sizes available:   8oz (spritzer)  - 16oz - 32oz (sprayer)

Ingredients: (all Natural)
All Natural dead sea magnesium oil, low-heat steeped arnica and eucalyptus. 

Available in tack stores and online.  Ask your local tack and feed store to stock it.

First of all:
This is not another menthol-based product. You will not smell like a gym.  It is all natural and unique. It is water-based, not oily. This does not generate heat and can be used under saddle and wraps - and under therapeutic blankets. 

For muscle soreness and cramps, tendon strain, joint aches, swelling due to muscle stress. Helps relieve back/shoulder/hip/knee aches.
PRO-TIP: Use for TMJ stress (Spray poll and TMJ when your horse is fighting the bit or cribbing.) Also use before and after trailering!
Multiple equine uses:
1. Use when there is obvious muscle strain or injury.
Spray a few times a day to release the muscle tension around the injury. Natural Release also decreases the inflammation that occurs around all soft tissue injuries. This allows the animal to began moving more naturally, which signals the body that it is time to switch from defense to offense, improving the recovery period.
2. Use under saddle.
Before you ride - Spray poll, top line and sacrum (and any area showing signs of muscle stress / fatigue) ). This settles the muscles and gives the best possible stride and flexibility/range of motion. This is especially helpful for athlete horses (Jumpers, barrel racers, reiners, ropers, dressage, etc., who need full strides and/or instant sharp cornering.  Most riders report that they can feel the difference under saddle, and many trainers can actually visually see the difference. Of course trail horses will have a happier day as well. -- You can also spray the legs after a hard workout - or after trailering - to reduce muscle fatigue and tention.  
2.5 - Use during body work.
Spray on tense areas and leave for 5-10 minutes. Upon your return you will notice a decided difference in the muscle tension, which makes your job of getting through those outside layers much easier.
(If you are a licensed Massage therapist or chiropractor, contact us for a sample. We will send you enough Natural Release to test it on a few horses.) 
NOTE: Be sure to use enough. The spray must get to the skin. Spray on the coat and rub in. Spray a bit more and do one more rub. Wash your hands. You can use anywhere on the horse, but do not allow it to get in the eyes. 
HORSE OWNERSIt is always difficult to spend money on products for your horse when you have no idea if it makes any difference!  That all changes with NATURAL RELEASE  Give it a try on your aches and pains - you'll feel the difference! And if you can feel it, so can your horse!

Did you and your horse just complete a hard ride? Did you take a fall when your horse stalled at a jump? Is your horse bruised from accidentally kicking a fence? Did you feel your horse tweak a muscle while taking a trip around the barrels? How is your shoulder after roping practice? 

Use NATURAL RELEASE  before and after riding to help dissipate fatigue and inflammation in joints and stiff muscles.

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Pro Tip:  Great for pre and post workouts.

Pro Tip: Great for use with athlete horses/animals.  See directions below.

Pro Tip: Use before bed to address night leg cramps. 

Pro Tip: Use on all joint aches and pains.

Things to try: Use on bug bites. Use on bruising. Swipe on forehead and neck for headaches.

Ingredients: All Natural pure dead sea magnesium oil, low-heat steeped arnica and steeped eucalyptus. 

(water-based, non-greasy) Just rub on, let absorb, and go about your day.


Pure magnesium oil is a renowned muscle relaxant. It also has the remarkable ability to "Transdermally" carry the active Natural Release ingredients through the skin directly to the target area. (Steeped Arnica, which helps reduce swelling and bruising, and steeped eucalyptus, a natural anti-inflammatory).

NOTE: Magnesium Oil is NOT magnesium sulfate (AKA Epsom Salts.) It is NOT Magnesium oxide (the powdered forms that you take in a supplement pill.) Studies have shown that natural Magnesium Oil (magnesium chloride) has a far superior absorption rate, and  it is very easily assimilated and bio-available - without becoming toxic. This means it gets to the spot faster, and does it's job better than all other forms of magnesium.. 


NOTE: Kym, the customer below,  just made her second order - for 8 bottles. Curious, we contacted her and asked for her story.

"I used Release first on my two dressage horses.  One of them has a pulled muscle in his neck...it spasms on him....I think he found immediate relief so I used it on my other horse who has a lot of issues.  He is 18' 2 hands tall and really tries to do the dressage thing but its hard on him and he comes up sore in many places.   BUT.....what happened the night before I ordered the mother lode was I woke up with a terrible leg cramp like never before.  Walking, pulling, standing, sitting...nothing worked and your little spray bottle was near the bed so I grabbed it...I swear the leg cramp was gone in less than a minute - and stayed gone.   So, next day I ordered for Me , the horses, and my horsey friends for Christmas....that's my story.  Thank you for the hand size...sold me!  Happy Holidays,  Kym"


Why is "Transdermal" important?

Transdermal means that a substance is carried through the skin (instead of ingesting it through the mouth). With most other products this is done by using some sort of skin patch, which is awkward, sticky, and slow to act..  

However, unlike the ingredients in most patches, creams, and sprays, magnesium oil is a natural transdermal carrier. Natural Release Muscle Wash instantly begins absorbing into your skin and gets directly to the fatigued/stressed muscle or tendon. Again, because magnesium oil is a carrier, it carries the arnica and eucalyptus into the system right along with it. Most people feel relief in a matter of minutes. 

ADDED BONUS: NATURAL RELEASE provides the added benefit of trandermally providing elemental magnesium.  Most people are magnesium deficient so they take supplement tablets to help counter this. Tablets taken by mouth are far less efficient for magnesium absorption than skin-sprayed magnesium oil. 


Ease of Use.

Well, this one is simple. Spray or rub  Natural Release  on troubled muscles/tendons/joints and gently massage for a moment.    Natural Release is non-oily so when it absorbs and dries there is no need to be concerned about stains on clothing or tack.  NOTE: If the user has dry skin, you may sometimes feel a light  tingle on your skin. This is normal and may last a few minutes as absorption occurs.  Typically, the the more often it is used, the less tingle you will experience.

Cautions: Avoid eyes and wash hands after use: 


Peggy Y. (56) " My friend gave me some Release after I complained about my shoulder and neck pain.  I'm diabetic and don't like to take a lot of Advil so I tried Release.  It was less than 5 minutes before all the ache was gone.  I couldn't believe it.  Amazing stuff."
Judy G. (64)  "I have been trying to get over a sprained ankle and use a ankle support boot, but it still aches.  I used Release and the ache was gone in minutes.  Not just better but GONE."
Pat H. (54)  "My husband has suffered with sciatic leg pain for years.  A friend gave me a bottle of Release to try.  I rubbed it on my husband's lower back and he said the relief was immediate.  We now recommend it to all our friends."  
David H. (48) "I was in a car accident a few years ago and have suffered with back and neck pain since.  My sister gave me Release to try.  I was reluctant but she rubbed it on my neck anyway.  Unbelievable how fast It worked.  I don't go anywhere without it."
Talia T. (33)  "I bruised my ribs in an accident and was in constant pain.  The doctors said, "There's not anything you can do, it just takes time to heal." But it hurt!.  I got some Release and rubbed it on my ribs.  GONE.  The pain was gone.  It's the first good night's sleep I've had in weeks.  I will tell all my friends to use it for muscle aches and pain."
Denise H. (91)  "My daughter gave me a bottle of Release to try because I have a sore, achy wrist from using the computer mouse.  The relief was instant.  I now use it for all my aches and pains.  It really works fast Thank you!.

**All ingredients in Natural Release are considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.