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Places to buy

You can buy here on this site, or jump over to your favorite stores or online site  

Below is a small sample of places to buy. 


Quick list of some national Online /catalog Dealers Here.... 


Big D's Tack and Vet Supplies,    

Horse Health USA,    SmartPak, ,   Jeffers,   

     Dover Saddlery,     KVSupply.com,    PBS Animal Health

Dubois Distributors      Star Ridge Natural Hoofcare Supply
Equine Massage and Beyond 
  Horsestaples.com    All pet naturals   

Riding Warehouse    Whole Equine    Tractor Supply Company (TSC)


To Find AUSTRALIA Dealers - Click Here (Sold as NT DRY)

To Find UK / EU / EUROPE Dealers -----Click Here (Sold as "NT DRY")

TO Find NEW ZEALAND Dealer - Click Here (Sold as "NT DRY")

To Find JAPAN Dealer   Click Here (Sold as NT DRY


Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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