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The Best Thing for Thrush
Treat Scratches and Rainrot!
All-In-One Wound Dressing

All Natural "powdered" formula is specifically designed for wounds, scrapes, rashes, even dehorning and tail docking. 
(SEE - Photo journals below)

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* Stops Bleeding Fast
* Draws and Absorbs Discharge
* Creates Firm, Breathable Scab
* Allows Body to Heal Naturally
* Does Not Damage Live Tissue
* Non-Caustic formula for Proud Flesh
* Also for Dehorning and Docking.

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DUST ON! is designed to rapidly stop bleeding and discharge from open wounds, aid against infection, and it creates a breathable protective scab. Before first use, wipe away debris and cleanse if needed. Let area dry, then just DUST ON! Thereafter, dust 1-2 times per day. Since there is no washing required after the first use, application only takes seconds per day - saving hours of time during total treatment period. Using DUST ON! on indoor pets means that you won't have to protect your carpets and furniture from greasy creams and sprays (or kick the pet outside because he has his "medicine" on his coat.) DUST ON! is All Natural. A pet can lick the powder, but normally they will not because it tastes terrible.

DUST ON is safe to use for both small scrapes and deep punctures or skin tears. The formula protects against infection, absorbs wound discharge, and allows natural healing without constantly removing scabs, as most "wet" products require.

DUST ON! should be available at your local tack and feed store. If not, ask them to contact their preferred distributor to bring it in. 

We can be contacted at 805-813-6257 or Info@NoThrushShop.com

Below are four photo journals. These show how to use - and results.

ZACK - Test One

Zack tore his chest open. The wound was located in a spot that could not be successfully stitched. We cleaned up the wound on day one and then filled the open wound with powder. We did this several times a day for three of four days, until drainage ceased. After that we dusted once per day. The process didn't take longer than a few seconds. No Washing or other time consuming processes were needed. The photo journal below shows the 35 day process.


TEST Two - Pastern

Pastern Day 1 before dusting.                   Day 1 after dusting. 
Open wound.                                           DUST ON! is absorbing and protecting.



Day 15 (now dusting 3-4 times per week.       Day 22 - light dusting 1-2 times per week.




TEST Three - Coat Fungus
Lightly dusted every day.


                                                Day 1








                                                Day 20





Day 1                                                     DAY 2 - Before DUST ON application,
                                                              DUST ON is drying and absorbing




Day 3 - After day's application                       Day 4 - Before application 
New dusting is absorbing and protecting.     The edges are firming and no longer discharging   


Protocol: Between Day 7 and Day 21, DUST ON! was applied every 2-3 days. Thereafter it was applied randomly 1-2 times per week for maintenance and protection. The proud flesh sluffed off and the coat regrew normally. 

Day 60 - Below
Below the proud flesh is gone and the only scarring is from the original cut (see original scarring in photos above.) No additional scarring occured, the coat grow back normally, and the applications of DUST ON! did not create pain and stress for the animal. 


Recent Testimonials from A Horse Box

* "The Dust On was great. My mare had a deep laceration on her heel bulb that just wasn't going away because of how moist it has been. I dusted it on and two days later the wound was almost healed. The dry powder really did the trick in 2 days on a wound that I had been trying to get to heal for two weeks.

*      I found the Dust On very useful and easy to use.

*      Thanks for sending the full size Dust On. With samples it is hard to tell sometimes if the product is effective. This is such a great product!

*      Love the Dust On. Had used the No Thrush powder for the last couple years as a maintenance product to keep my horse's thrush under control.

*      Really like the Dust On. Had a couple of horses with wounds that needed a drying powder so the timing was perfect! This brand worked great!!

*      The Dust-On powder is perfect! Love that it is a powder rather than a ointment so it stays much cleaner.

*      The Dust-On by No Thrush is timely and worked very well.

*      The No-Thrush Dust On powder lead me to their No Thrush formula and I am seeing huge results so far!

*      I really like the Dust-On! The multiple uses for it make it so much more effective as well. I already used it on one of my horses, would definitely buy it [again]!!"








Dust On is a Four Oaks Farm Ventures, Inc product 

Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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