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NATURAL RELEASE™  Muscle Wash - 16oz

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16oz bottle for barn use!

Most folks started with the 8-oz bottle to try it at home first. Within a few weeks they were buying multiple bottles. They requested a larger size for barn use. And now it is here!

All Natural, Fast Acting, Just Spray On!

For muscle and joint soreness, night cramps, tendon 
strain, back/shoulder/hip problems, and all general aches and pains.
Try it on back/neck knots and spasms! 
Pure magnesium oil is a renowned muscle relaxant. It also has the remarkable ability to "Transdermally" carry the active Natural RELEASE ingredients through the skin directly to the target area. (Additional ingredients include: low-heat Steeped Arnica, which helps reduce swelling and bruising, and steeped eucalyptus, a natural anti-inflammatory).

Tip: Try it on yourself first! This way you will know how it is working on your horse.

Pro Tip: Athletes, runners, gym enthusiasts : Great for pre and post workouts.

Pro Tip: Great for use with athlete horses/animals.  Just spray on and rub in.

Pro Tip: Use before bed to alleviate night leg cramps. And use immediately upon active cramp.

Ingredients: All Natural pure dead sea magnesium oil, low-heat steeped arnica and steeped eucalyptus. 

**Not recommended for cats, as felines may not benefit from the Natural Release ingredients. 

**Actual product may appear differently than the product photos on this page. All weights and measurements remain as listed here.

**All ingredients in Natural Release are considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.







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