Treat Equine Thrush
Also for Scratches and Skin
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Two [10-ounce) pro size - and a free hoof pick  20% off!

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Orig. Price: $105.40
Sale Price: $84.00
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Prod. Code: Two [10-ounce) pro size

A full 20% discount:
10 ounce size not available in stores. (Shipping is still only $5.50)

We noticed that about 20% of folks that order the Propak actually buy 2 at one time. Several people have complained that they just need a bunch of NO THRUSH for their horses and they don't need all the other stuff. So this is for you! (But we are throwing in a free hoof pick anyway. Who can't use a new hoofpick every once in a while?! Also it is red so it's hard to lose.)

Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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