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The creator of No Thrush ®,  Kathleen Busfield,  has been a Hunter/Jumper equestrian trainer for over 2 decades. She now owns and runs Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in Simi Valley, California. At her 50 acre facility she has spent years trying and testing every possible remedy for Thrush. She has worked with some of the best vets and renowned farriers in the country. Yet while some remedies have worked better than others, none completely eradicated the tough problems.

Finally, a client brought in one of the worst cases of thrush Kathleen had ever seen. This GrandPrix Jumper had been in and out of vet care and various rehab centers for 18 months.. When the desperate client  arrived at her door with a horse with thrush a 1/2 inch into the hairline, Kathleen knew it was time to go above and beyond the typical treatment. She intuitively knew that it was counter-productive to put a "wet" product on a "wet" infection, so experimentation went into overdrive and she eventually came upon the revolutionary natural combination of herbs, minerals and non-caustic anti-bacterials. Within 3 days the Grandprix competitor's hooves were dry and healing. Several days later there was no evidence of thrush and the hoof was growing back in good health. The client was overwhelmed and ecstatic with the result. 

On that day, the seed of the No Thrush ®  Company was planted. It has been growing ever since. Thrush care will never be the same. 

 Four Oaks Farm