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Company info and interviews about NO THRUSH - The First Ever Dry Formula - also find before and after pics of thrush, heel crack regrowth, and Scratches - all in one place..... [To read the entire Press Release: Click here.....]


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NO THRUSH ® Testimonial Page

  • "I first witnessed the power of No Thrush while treating an A.O. Jumper who was suffering from months of severe thrush. In a matter of days after using No Thursh, the thrush was gone. We have continued on a No Thrush maintenance program, with no relapses, and the horse is now being re-conditioned to competitive show levels. Impressive product. Well Done”.
                                                    Geoff Vernon, DVM, International Team Veterinarian
  • 5 out of 5 stars.

    Use It For Fungus!!!

    I am so ashamed. I've had this product for my horse's feet for years and kept doing the iodine thing for fungus! Finally, I decided to believe the bottle and use the No Thrush for the fungus. Amazing results. This horse hasn't been fungus free for two years. He is now!!! At the first sign of fungus, the scabs, the flakes, the hair loss, the paintbush tuft, No Thrush is on and it's gone. I buy the big size and keep one in the grooming box and another in the cabinet so I don't run out! I save lots by keeping thrush and fungus under control.

    * "And there it is - we finally got a great review from the farrier! No thrush and my forever flat-footed thoroughbred is starting to lose her flat feet! She apparently had deep, chronic thrush for years, but this was quickly squashed with No Thrush and she is finally able to land on her heels when she moves, thus not putting extra pressure on the toes causing separation from the hoof wall. Just like that, her "skis" are gone and we are hoping within a couple trims her concavity will start to improve as well. Giving credit to my great barefoot trimmer as well, but this is a great product!" Lorrie B. (Posted on the No Thrush facebook page)


  •    This product is an excellent performer! Easy to apply getting into all the "nucks and crannies" of the sole and frog with no worries of sealing any "bad bugs" in! Results are seen after every application. Inexpensive enough to be a part of daily grooming without any dripping, staining, or tacky, clean-up hassles! Regards, Georgiana Norcross  - 5/2011
  • I just had to write a note to say how amazed I was with your product for thrush... My Tennessee Walker has had a bad case for 18 months.  I tried EVERYTHING!!! Bleach, Listerine or 4 kinds of thrush products...Nothing... it just got worse and worse.
    Then winter came and my two are in a dry lot that quickly became a mud-lot. My farrier told me she had "heard" No Thrush worked so I bought some. I treated him the first day it wasn’t wet and then I couldn’t treat again for about 2 weeks, when I treated him a second and third time.  Then he had to go back out into the mud (Im talking ALL mud AND manure)  That was two months ago.
    My farrier came to trim yesterday now that its been dry and she couldn’t believe it when I told her I had treated him two times two months ago...Despite the mud and manure, he is healing up and the big cracks are closing up!!! We just kept saying,  "Only three treatments!?!  WOW " I just might get preachy about this stuff!!  A "dry" treatment makes so much sense, and you’re right, it definitely works in the mud!
      Kathy Jacks  

  • Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with the results of your NO Thrush product.  I delayed an immediate response to your Oct 2010 email, in order to test use your product.  I made it through the late fall and a mild, yet wet and sometimes snowy winter here in southern-central North Carolina.
          Surprisingly, it is the first winter and extended period of time my thirteen year old Tennessee Walker has not had at least a mild case of thrush.  If there is a wet spot in the pasture, my horse would find it and stand there.  Previously, other remedy-use has helped, but never forestalled an onslaught altogether.  My horse's feet are healthy and thrush free.  You have a new regular customer.  Thanks.
      Carl Chandler
  • I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I ordered a second bottle today! We have 5 horses, live in Floridaand battle thrush all year around! Well that was until we found NoThrush! We have a TW that has suffered with thrush since we rescued him 7 years ago. They had left the pads on his feet for so long that when we had them taken off it was nothing but infection. We were surprised he could even walk. We have tried everything and while they did get better they have never been free of thrush, until now! I only wish I had taken pictures. Even our farrier cannot believe the difference! And all 5 of our horses get treated and are thrush free! Amazing!
         I am spreading the word – if you want to get rid of thrush get NoThrush
  • Keep up the great work!  Thanks again,  Gayle Sullivan, Florida  3/11/2011
  • I ordered an 8 once bottle of NO THRUSH for my horse after trying just about anything non invasive product to rid him of thrush. I am kind of OCD about his treatments and so I can't say the treatments failed because of my lack of devotion!
           So here is how it went with NO THRUSH. First, have to say here the horses are outdoors 24/7 and are in manure, snow, mud, water, and ice. All depending on the day's temperature, we just have to make due. My horse has had bad thrush even though his diet was balanced and he was getting added supplements. So when I found your product, I kind of thought "logical, but will it work up here?".
          Well, YES. It took a few weeks to get rid of everything, and I trimmed the frog lightly as the NT worked it's magic throughout the frog. I am now down to dusting his frogs a few times per week and will likely need to do a bit more if the spring mud is too bad.
    An added bonus to the efficacy of the product in my geographical location is the promptness and clear responses offered by Heath. Thanks for the product, and of equal importance, thank you for the service."  Diane Bélec,
  • I have tried your No Thrush on one of my more difficult clients - a warmblood mare. I had previously tried dishwashing detergent, ACV, nappy rash cream, nappy soaker, surface spray, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, mouthwash, vicks vaporub, copper sulphate, manuka honey, without getting to the deep down thrush infection. A couple of weeks of No Thrush every day and I can see the results already, I'm very impressed! And so easy to use. I love it. My clients will love it.

  • My horse had surgery in September and has been stall bound with some recent handwalking.  After 2 months in the hospital and rehab farm his thrush was so bad I didn't know what to do.  I found your product on an internet search, started using it and his feet look fabulous!  Both my farrier and vet are amazed at the transformation.  If you need a sales rep for the NJ area, please call me, I am a total No Thrush believer.  Carol Ann- M
  • I have just started using this (7 days ago [01/11]), and I am impressed with the results so far.  Even though I am not able to stall “Riley” every night and keep him out of the “goo”, as I wish , I’m seeing results!  No more funky smelling  feet.    I am re-ordering to keep  up the healing and get my horse back soon I hope.  I am a believer in the “dry” solution versus wet.  It simply makes more sense.  Thank you so much!! Angel M
  • “This stuff is WONDERFUL!!!
                I'm telling everyone I know :) Thank you a thousand times!”
    Blair B.
  • I just want to say a huge thank you - after 3 months of  [messing] around with misdiagnosis, a perpetually lame horse, and an attitude of despair, NO THRUSH  has saved us! 3 days of use and the foot was much improved. Horse is  now sound!!!!!!!!!!  I use it twice a day on the 4 yr old and once a day on my event horse as he has deep sulcus and I don’t want thrush getting in. Its the best product I have ever bought for results and value and I am telling everyone about it. I will definitely be back for more as I don’t ever want to be without it.
                      Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!  A relieved and grateful
    Christa George (and Kato the horse)
  • From:  Josephine Trott, PhD, Department of Animal Science, UC Davis
                “…I  started an  experiment on  eight hooves, comparing daily dusting with No Thrush 
    to daily soaking in Oxxxx xx or a combination of the two.  Three weeks  later, the No Thrush treated frogs were not sensitive anymore, the  heel bulbs were much firmer, the depth of the central sulcus was 50%  shallower and the frog tissue was overall much firmer with no 
    significant areas of surface thrush/cheesy frog. By comparison, the two Oxxxx xx soaked frogs were still sensitive to pressure, still had  deep central sulci and significant surface thrush. 

                 I have recommended  this product very highly to everybody I know and will continue to use  it daily until all of the central sulci are completely filled in, and  then cut back to weekly treatments.  I am extremely excited about the prospect of only treating 8 feetweekly instead of daily. Thank you so much No Thrush!”
    Josephine Trott, PhD,  UC Davis


  • I spotted a banner for your product on thehorse.com.
                “I had been using a "wet" product called Dxxxxxxx - obtained through a hoof care professional.  She has been trimming my 3 horses for over 5 years, and about 5 months ago (re)taught me to trim myself. I began using Dxxxxxxx (early - mid June?) on all 3 horses pretty regularly (about 2-3 times a week) when I noticed my younger (11 yo) gelding beginning to seek the firmer, but less rocky/gravelly, ground.  My 29 yr old has been doing this pretty much since he's been barefoot (for 10 years now). 
                I then began the quest to get to the bottom of this thrush business.  None of my horses were displaying the ugly gooey messy type of thrush, but the tender frogs made me begin to get serious about treating for it.
                Well, it seemed to me that after several weeks of using the Dxxxxxxxe, all three horses now had actual cases of thrush !!!   I was thinking maybe it was related to it being such a humid summer here this year, WHEN I SPOTTED YOUR BANNER AD !!!!
                Your info all made perfectly logical sense to me. 
                I saw results with your NO THRUSH within just a few days, and continue to treat as needed.  I have tossed away every other conceivable product for thrush, etc., that was occupying space in my cabinets. 
                Today I am ordering again so that I don't ever run out of the NO THRUSH, and so that I can have some on hand to get friends and relatives started with it when the need arises for them.
                Thank you for putting this product out there and making it available. It is a pleasure to say that it is one of the few products I have tried in my lifetime that has actually done exactly as promised !!!! Thank you for being there !!!”
    Marcia Cannizzo, Rhode Island
                "... I was doing my regular rounds at the
    Los AngelesEquestrianCenterwhen a Head Groom shouted at me from across the barn , "After all these years, this is the best sh*# you've ever given me!" He was waving a bottle of No Thrush….”
    Brant Phalen, Los Angeles Farrier.

  • “I ordered the product about 2 weeks ago and have been using it regularly and it works great to put it on right before I send them out to pasture. It works great and everything is closing up well. One trick I do so it doesn't clog is slide my hoof pick down into the sulcus and then twist it sideways to create an opening. Then I just pour in the No Thrush and push it in with the hoof pick. I really like your product and think this is a great solution to battling thrush.
                You have a happy customer.”
    Shelley W.
  • “Just wanted you to know this is my second order for NT. 
                 It is working great.  I used it for my horse  River who is IR and has had bacteria/fungus issues and needed to keep boots on almost 24/7.  Prior to NT, wearing boots made it almost impossible to keep his feet dry. Thus, could not seem to get rid of the infections.  After 10 days of treatment, River no longer is in boots and we have no signs of infection and no sore feet!!  I  am now using NT on another one of my horses.  Thanks for a great product.”
  • “I wish all companies were as good as yours!
                I'm happy already and if your product is as good as your customer service, I'll spread the word like wildfire.”
    Kalee G.


                I just wanted to fill you in and let you know how things are going with these three rescue horses. Two of them had [thrush] so bad in one of their hooves that the frog looked like it was “rotted” away. I have now been using No Thrush for the last week.  I have actually seen the frogs in all of their feet start to mend, yes mend, and getting back to being stronger.
                Also let me tell you what a pleasure No Thrush is to use, (remember abused and neglected horses that have been rescued) no waiting, no holding feet that do not want to be held and no staining!!!  On me or the two with white feathers! Now as I have been using No Thrush, these horses seem to know I am not going to be trying to hold onto their foot that long anymore, and the No Thrush doesn’t sting like the other stuff.  So thank you, thank you with all of my heart, your product is a life saver, more than you probably know! I thank you, my husband thanks you and Lady Jane, Copper Girl and Stormy all thank you too!!!!!”
    Dawn Emerson, Rocking 777s Horseback Ministry


  • “This is my second order.
                I am quite impressed with NT. We've had some really stubborn hooves and it seems to be doing the trick. I was soaking and have since stopped that for the dry [No Thrush] treatments. Want to stay on top of things as winter rolls in here - the rains have started so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. With wet hooves I think I'll wash off, rinse with Alcohol, blow dry and apply NT. Wish me luck - in recent years the horses have all but lost frogs completely in winter.  Thanks - probably more than you wanted to hear!”


  • “I feel like the No Thrush is really getting tested here as we got a lot of rain & my horse's feet got all yucky & I didn't think with the ground so wet that the No Thrush would have a chance but even tho' the ground is dry now, I do feel that the No Thrush did definitely make a difference & today her feet are almost back to normal after just 3 consecutive days! :-)”


  • “Your product really seems to be working. 
                I like how it really helps to dry out the deep cracks in my horse’s feet.  I have been battling thrush all year and I think the end is near!  Hopefully this is the solution.  So far, so good!!!!”
    -Shelly D


  • “This is my second bottle of No Thrush and I absolutely love it!

                  I and recommend it to everyone!   My gelding had canker surgery on his hinds about 2 months ago and was put into Soft Rides for the duration of recovery, including a horrible bout of enteritis & colitis.  After being in the front boots for so long, his fronts were pretty mushy.   I used the No Thrush on his fronts and in about 3 days, they had dried right up.  At his weekly checkup, the vet was very impressed how they had dried up. 
      I will always have it on hand for when my horses have to wear boots for extended periods of time.  Thank you!”

                                                                                                                              Chris  A.

  • “You may use my statements as a testimonial!
                I am so excited about this product! I have already told everyone on my regular horse chat board and am now telling all my friends about it! I would love to just go around to barns/stable and ask them if I could just use it on their horses with thrush, too! LOL Thank you again for an amazing product!!”
    Kristy V, LaRue, Texas


  • “Today is day 5 of using No Thrush Shop on my filly.
                I have to admit I was extremely skeptical after using it the first couple of days as the product fell out on the ground and I did not see any improvement UNTIL last night! I’ve been treating her chronic thrush since birth to no avail. Your product seems to be sucking the thrush right up and out. She is not 100% yet, but 2 out of 4 hooves are no longer sensitive and they are finally dry. The other 2 are 80%. Ill continue to use until its all cleared up then do a weekly dusting to keep it away. So far though, Im very happy with the results.
                My old gelding who had been off and on lame on one foot this year, I decided to try it on him. He was not displaying any thrush symptoms. On Day 2 when I picked up his hoof, black thrush was seeping out of his frog. Like it drew it out. Day 5, his frog is completely dry and he is not lame.
                Keep up the good work on your product. There are many people like me who keep a clean paddock, yet still fight thrush with their horses. Its great to know there is hope that there is a non-evasive product that really can clear it up and keep it away.”
    Julie W.


  • “This is my second order so I can give you some feedback now.
                I LOVE this product.  It is truly the only one that has worked for my mare.  We just had record rains in
    Minnesotaand she was standing in muck 24/7 so I was using it in the collateral grooves every day as a preventative.  My trimmer was out on Monday and when she cleaned up her frogs we discovered a good size crack back by her bulbs that was covered up by old dead frog.  The applicator tip gets into the crack and gets the dust way into the infection.  After a few days it healed up so well that the applicator tip doesn't fit in there anymore, but I know the dust is still getting into any minuscule areas that might still be tender.
                She was very sore the day after her trim but within a day she wasn't favoring it at all.  I'm almost out of my first bottle and this is one product I don't ever want to be out of.”
    Jill S.


  • "... I have been managing and training a 30 horse barn for 25 years. No matter how well you care for your horses, you have to deal with thrush and scratches. No Thrush ® works on both, and with no worries of harming your horses' feet and legs.  Many thanks.”
    Michelle Pacyna, Owner/Trainer - Fieldstone Riding Club, Moorpark, CA


  • “I bought the first bottle a while back, and am very impressed with your product.
                 I have 7 horses here in the high desert area of
    Oregon, but the only thrush problem I have is with my totally blind horse. He has had deep seated thrush for many years and I have tried everything except sacrificing a chicken over him to cure/control it… I have studied hoof care under Strasser/Martha Olivo/Pete Ramey and Cheryl Henderson for the past 12 years and totally believe that a healthy bare hoof is a thing of beauty and sooo much better for the entire horse.
                I have tried about every different style of trimming and just about every thrush remedy on the market, including Wxxxx Lxxxxx, Oxxxxx and other soaking products for my "blindie".  Nothing seemed to get, and stay on top of it…
                I don't remember where I heard or read about NoThrush.  Must have been on the barefoothorse care list.  Since then I see your postings on the ABChoofcare list too and really appreciate the fact that you care enough to help others with their hoof problems.
                My blind horse "The Rabbit" is doing great!  The deep cracks in his frog sulcus  are spreading out and getting more shallow, and it looks like the heel bulbs are getting stronger and more robust.  His frog is getting wider and stronger every week.  There have been periods of as long as a week that I wasn't able to treat him as I was gone horse camping, and yet he is still on the healing curve.
                Your product is not only effective, but easy and quick to use.  No more painting my hands purple if I forget the gloves, no more soaking boots and planning my day around that.  No more worries about dropping the bottle and losing that expensive contents!
                I called my feed store today and recommended that they carry it…Thanks!”
    NO THRUSH ® Sales and Marketing Office – 805-813-6257


Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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