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Pure magnesium oil is a renowned muscle relaxant. It also has the remarkable ability to"Transdermally" carry the active Natural RELEASE ingredients through the skin directly to the target area. (low-heat Steeped Arnica, which helps reduce swelling and bruising, and steeped eucalyptus, a natural anti-inflammatory).


Why is "Transdermal" important?

Transdermal means that a substance is carried through the skin (instead of ingesting it through the mouth). With most other products this is done by using some sort of skin patch. In that case absorption is slow to start and difficult to control. 

However, unlike the ingredients in most patches, creams, and sprays, magnesium oil is a natural transdermal carrier. Natural RELEASE ™ Muscle Wash instantly begins absorbing into your skin and gets directly to the fatigued/stressed muscle or tendon. Again, because magnesium oil is a "carrier," it carries the arnica and eucalyptus into the system right along with it. Most people feel relief in a matter of minutes.



ADDED BONUS: Natural RELEASE provides the added benefit of trandermally carrying needed elemental magnesium directly into your system. Most people are magnesium deficient so they take suppliement tablets to help counter this. Tablets taken by mouth are far less efficient for magnesium absorption than skin-sprayed magnesium oil. 


Ease of Use.


People: Well, this one is simple. Just apply to the skin and rub on. Natural RELEASE is non-oily so as soon as it absorbs and dries, there is no need to be concerned about stains on clothing or sheets.


Animals: Spray Natural Natural RELEASE on troubled muscles/tendons and massage into the hairline.


Cautions: Avoid eyes and wash hands after use:
NOTE: Some people experience a slight tingle for a few seconds after use. This typically diminishes after the first few uses. 



DUST ON! TM  All-in-One Wound Dressing - Click for webpage

(Now available in stores. Retailers: Dust On is warehoused with all major distributors.)

The newest edition to the NT line of products. DUST ON! is an All Natural wound dressing powder for use on all cuts, scrapes, and skin rash. The ingredients differ from No Thrush in that the powder is designed specifically for the coat and skin. DUST ON! takes only seconds per day to use, amd most importantly it can be used during every stage of the wound healing process, from the initial event - to the final hair re-growth period. No Washing is needed. Also aids in prevention of Proud Flesh, but DUST ON! is not caustic like other products.  

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What is the difference between NO THRUSH and DUST ON! Click here.





For test cases and info go to www.NTCanine.com.
NT Canine - Hot Spots

By customer demand, the Maker's of "NO THRUSH - the First Ever DRY Formula" have reformulated the revolutionary DRY concept to now work for small pet Hot Spotsear irritations (Squishy Ear), and skin problemsNT Canine™ is easy to apply (just point the squeeze bottle and puff a bit of powder on the affected area! 
No washing/bathing needed!
Besides its fast acting powder formula, there is a bonus perk for users.... No More messy stains on carpet and furniture from creams, sprays and ointments! Just "Dust On" once per day and walk away. 

Click here to go to www.NTCanine.com to read more - and see photo journals    




Treat thrush fast and easy. Just "Dust-on"


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